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There are two types of runners in North Devon - those that think that IRC is the best running club in the world, and those that are wrong! The girls and boys in blue proved it yet again by turning up en masse and scooping no less than SEVEN of the prizes at Arlington Court!

The ladies were in dazzling form especially, making it an IRC one-two in both the 10k Canter and the 5k Trot. Beth Barrington (00:45:47) took the top prize in the 10k, and Linda Balment (00:33:49) made good her last-minute decision to switch to the 5k by winning first lady! There was also silverware for Becky Williamson (second lady - 00:47:10), new signing Jenny Evans (FV40 - 00:54:31) and Nicola Oliver (FV50 - 00:56:38).

In the men's race Leo Holroyd celebrated the final day of his thirty-third year by winning the MV30 prize (44:15), and how good is to see Kevin Reed back running with the club on a regular basis? Very good, if he keeps winning stuff! The self-confessed Sooty-hater snagged the MV40 prize and was fourth overall in 00:42:50.

Other results (all 10k, 135 entrants): 14th Peter Westmacott 00:46:31, 19th Neil Garrett 00:48:37; 27th Gary 'Jif' Kemp 00:50:55; 43rd Darren Vincent 00:55:15; 45th Simon 'Cake!' Whetter 00:55:44; 47th Debbie Freeman 00:56:15; 52nd Hayley Whetter 00:56:43; 60th Peter Addison 00:58:34; 61st Sarah Bulled 00:58:44; 68th Nina Naneva 01:00:43; 83rd Jay Bocock 01:05:20; 100th Colin Hickles 01:07:57; 106th= Mel Hickles 01:10:16; 106th= Louise Punchard 01:10:16; 133rd Camilla Holroyd 01:52:03.

Down south in Exeter Dan Murdoch had a go at smashing his Marathon PB but depsite a stellar performance had to pull out at twenty miles. The super-trouper then went home back to Combe Martin and ran the final six, what a nutter!

Even further afield than Exeter, Jodie Warren was IRC's sole representative at the Beijing 'Run to the Beat' 10k. Our temporary (we hope) UK export to China was tenth female finisher in 00:49:53.


Joe's in the money! He may technically be from Combe Martin but we're proud to have Mr Mackenzie representing IRC, especially when he wins stuff as he did at the Bideford 10k. Joe took first senior male in the race in 35:18, beaten only by someone who wasn't legally old enough to drink the champagne he was awarded for his victory!

There was a massive turn out from the club, so here goes: Tom Capron (00:39:50); Leo Holroyd (00:40:04); Gavin Burnside (00:40:08); Beth Barrington (00:41:28); Neil Garrett (00:42:57); Kajal Bailey (00:44:22); Dave Irvine (00:45:23); Simon Whetter (00:49:39); Danny Lee (00:50:03); Hayley Whetter (00:50:05); Darren Vincent (00:49:40); Doug Bolton (00:49:42); Kevin Reed (00:49:47); Peter Addison (00:53:57); Karley Fricker (00:56:15); Linda Balment (00:59:17); Camilla Holroyd (01:28:51) and Lisa Baxter (01:28:51).

Mary Menon added yet another trophy to her sturdy cabinet, a race called 'Race The Tide' in Mothecombe near Plymouth, which is billed as a 'long' marathon of sixteen-ish miles. Mary beat everyone else including all the blokes to finish first in 04:13:05.


Note: the above image has been doctored to render it less scary.

If you've not been impressed by the efforts Dave Irvine has made since joining the club then quite frankly, you want shooting. Dave finally received recognition for all his hard work by winning the VM60 age category at the Torrington Round-the-Tree Race on Friday. Dave finished 24th overall in 22:18. Also running were Leo Holroyd (19:11 - 11th) and Peter Addison (25:45 - 53rd).

Several hardy IRC souls braved the heat to take their place in the gruelling Hartland Hartbreaker on the Sunday. Mary Menon was first female and second overall in 02:38:08, with David Garcia fourth and third man in 02:48:02. Other runners: Kevin Reed (02:52:26), Andrew 'Wooffy' Wooff (03:17:20), Gary 'Jif' Kemp (03:27:47), Debbie Freeman (03:41:42), Gavin Burnside (04:07:47 - allegedly a little worse for wear after attending Alastair Newey and Michelle Smit now Newey's nuptial celebrations), Emlyn Pearce (04:30:43), Ryan Collins (04:41:57) and Mike 'Doobs' Robinson (04:41:57). In the much easier Hartacher Joe Mackenzie finished a marvellous second overall in 01:05:20, followed by Hannah Murdoch in 01:41:28.

Finally, further afield but just as sweaty were Leo Holroyd and Peter Addison who competed in the Milton Keynes' Marathon Weekend. Both netted 5k PBs in the 'MK Rocket 5k' on the Sunday (Leo, 18:58; Peter, 24:23) before wilting slightly in the MK Half Marathon the following day (Leo, 01:31:56; Peter 02:13:30).


A handful of IRCers traipsed down to the old smoke at the weekend and posted some outstanding performances at the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon, none more so than the terrific Mary Menon who posted a quite unbelievable effort - 02:53:44 to nail eighth place in her category, and 609th place overall out of 40,200 finishers (that's the top 1.5% percent, maths fans!)

The other lads and lasses enjoying or enduring the hottest London Marathon since records began were Andy Mansfield (03:40:17), Becky Williamson (03:47:33), Andrew 'Wooffy' Wooff (04:04:03), Abbey Orr (05:20:22), Peter Addison (05:22:02) and Karley Fricker (05:43:57). Top marks all!


Some knicker-wetting performances at the Bideford Half Marathon yesterday. Sandy Anderson (pictured above) ran his first race in the IRC blue and set a PB of two hours and eight minutes dead on. There were also PBs for Leo Holroyd (01:28:23), Neil Garrett (01:39:24) and Dave Irvine (01:40:40), the latter's joy turning to despair when he discovered that the souvenir T-shirt was a 'girly pink' (apparently forgetting it was also Mother's Day ;)).

Also completing the course were Gavin Burnside (01:25:48) and Peter Addison (02:00:57). Linda Balment made a racing comeback but sadly had to pull out halfway due to a painful knee.


We have a winner! Someone representing IRC and not called 'Mary Menon' has won a race! Congratulations to 'Man' Joe Mackenzie who triumped at the Hameldown Seven on Sunday - a tough, hilly, multi-terrain race close to Widecombe-in-The-Moor in Dartmoor. Joe raced home in a time of 54:07 - beating someone called Ben Howard by fourteen seconds.

Some even more fearless runners took on the full 'Hameldown Hammer' - a half marathon(ish) with horrible ascents and trainer-gnawing terrain. First lady home of course was Mary in a time of 01:40:25, finishing sixth overall. Dan Murdoch finished as the eighth male in 01:43:01, followed by David Garcia (01:45:07). Our other brave souls were Gavin Burnside (02:00:25), Ryan Collins (02:09:51), Hannah Murdoch (02:11:32), Emma Overney (02:23:09), Mike 'Doobs' Robinson (02:28:18) and Pete Llamosa (02:44:18).


Times from Castle Hill (Category prize winners in bold): Mary Menon 00:43:50 (F 1st, V35F 1st, 1st team); David Garcia 00:45:49 (V45M 1st, 1st team); Kevin Reed 00:47:27 (1st team); Leo Holroyd 00:47:54 (1st team); Gavin Burnside (V50M 1st); Tom Capron 00:49:57; Becky Williamson 00:51:10 (F 2nd, V35F 2nd); Pete Westmacott 00:53:27; Andy Mansfield 00:54:25; Lee Oliver 00:54:54; Andrew Wooff 00:54:56; Neil Garrett 00:55:32; Gary Kemp 00:55:56; Ben Gunn 00:58:29; Chloe Atcheson 00:59:30; Mike Robinson 00:59:44; Andy Woodland 01:00:18; Nicola Oliver 01:00:59 (V55F 1st); Debbie Freeman 01:01:00 (V45F 2nd); Emlyn Pearce 01:01:38; Hayley Whetter 01:01:42; Nina Naneva 01:04:49; Simon Whetter 01:05:44; Darren Vincent 01:06:52; Peter Addison 01:10:06; Mark James 01:12:07; Ben Beacham 01:13:45; Abi Orr 01:15:10; Colin Hickles 01:16:01; Nicola Payne 01:16:53.


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